Apple Launch Event 2019: All That's Expected And Where To Watch

What do you think is going to make it irresistible for people to spend another $1,000 on an iPhone this year? A better camera? a long lasting battery life? less-breakable glass?

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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So, here we go again- We're in that time of the year where Apple adherents eagerly await for the new Apple devices, their specs, designs, etc. This time is another year when we're expecting 3 iPhones in a event. It is also rumoured that they are going to include 'Pro' in their names.
One of many more rumours include new camera tricks like slow-mo selfies, iOS 13, macOS Catalina operating systems, a new version of the Apple watch, and perhaps even a new 16-inch MacBook Pro. So, to find out what all of these is true, we will be following the Apple Launch Event 2019 which is to be held in Steve Jobs Theatre located on its Cupertino, California campus.
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Where To Watch?
Apple, for the very first time is going to stream the launch event on YouTube too. You may watch the event there or from the Apple event webpage. But, the live stream will also be available to watch for people on Apple Events website. The stream via this website can be streamed on iPhone, Mac, iPod touch models via the Apple Events app or Safari browser. Users who prefer to watch the event on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will also be able to watch it on Android devices. 
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Credit- Reuters

When to Watch?
  • New York- 1PM
  • San Francisco- 10AM
  • London- 6PM
  • Moscow- 8PM
  • New Delhi- 10:30PM
  • Berlin- 7PM
  • Beijing- 1AM (September 11th)
  • Tokyo- 2AM (September 11th)
  • Melbourne- 3AM (September 11th)

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